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NEC Baby Formula Lawsuits

Langston & Lott, PLLC NEC Baby Formula Lawsuits​

NEC Baby Formula Lawsuits​

NEC Baby Formula Lawsuits​

Premature infants often need extra care and nutrition to support their development and growth. Often parents are advised by medical professionals to give their children formula during their early stages. However, recent evidence suggests that certain formula brands can cause necrotizing enterocolitis in infants. Despite this, manufacturers like Abbott Laboratories, and Mead Johnson & Company have neglected to add this life-threatening side effect to their warning labels. This is causing more unsuspecting partners to put their children’s lives at risk. 

If your child has developed health concerns as a result of baby formula and meets the criteria below, Langston & Lott are here to help you. 

Our criteria:

1.     NEC claimant born 2012 or later.
2.     Child must be born prematurely (24-37 weeks only)
3.     Child must be given formula or fortifier after birth and before being diagnosed with NEC
4.     Child must be diagnosed with NEC.
5.     The child’s NEC must not have resolved without serious complications:
        a. Death
        b. Surgery
        c. Gastrointestinal or other bowel conditions
        d. Cerebral Palsy or other ongoing neurological conditions, or
        e. Other serious/lasting injuries

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