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Booneville has faced significant challenges with car accidents, including a large number of fatalities and serious injuries relative to our city’s size.

At Langston & Lott, we stand by you and your loved ones during these trying times, providing the support and legal guidance you need. Our firm, with a rich history of over 50 years, is committed to helping you with the challenges ahead, ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve for your accident.

Why Choose Langston & Lott's Booneville Car Accident Lawyers?

Since 1964, Langston & Lott has helped those seeking justice in Mississippi. Our reputation is built on a foundation of trust, with a proven track record of securing multi-million dollar awards for our clients.

Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee, emphasizing our commitment to your well-being and peace of mind throughout your legal journey.

Our firm is conveniently located in Booneville near the Mississippi Department of Human Services and in Tupelo near Tupelo City Hall. It is strategically located to serve clients across Mississippi, offering experienced and dedicated legal representation.

What Compensation is Available for Booneville Car Accidents?

The financial strain following a car accident should not be your burden to bear alone. 

At Langston & Lott, we fight for your right to a comprehensive compensation package, which includes coverage for medical bills, lost earnings, pain and suffering, property damage, and punitive damages where applicable. 

What Are Booneville's Most Dangerous Roadways?

In one recent year, the state reported 697 fatal crashes, marking the highest rate in the country at 26.2 deaths per 100,000 people. 

This figure is part of a national trend where motor vehicle deaths rose by 18.3% between 2019 and 2022​​. The state also witnessed a notable spike in car accident fatalities in 2020, with 752 fatalities reported, surpassing the state’s target of 682 for that year. 

Additionally, serious injuries from car accidents increased dramatically, with more than double the number of serious injuries in 2020 compared to the previous year, reporting 3,603 serious injuries.

Certain roads in and around Booneville are known for their increased risk factors, including heavy traffic, complicated intersections, and a history of accidents. 

Noteworthy areas include:

  • Major Highways and Intersections: Highways or major roads passing through or around Booneville, such as State Highway 4 and U.S. Route 45, can be hotspots for accidents due to higher speeds and increased volumes of traffic, including commercial and long-haul trucks.
  • Areas Near Schools and Commercial Districts: Streets surrounding schools, shopping centers, or commercial districts, like those near Northeast Mississippi Community College or the downtown Booneville area, often experience heavy pedestrian traffic, frequent stops, and starts of vehicles, making them prone to accidents, especially during mornings and afternoons.
  • Rural Roads: Rural roads around Booneville may lack the safety features of urban streets, such as lighting and clear markings. These roads can be particularly dangerous at night or during poor weather conditions, leading to higher rates of accidents.
  • Intersections Near Industrial or Retail Areas: Intersections close to industrial parks or retail areas, where heavy vehicles frequently enter and exit, can be risky due to the mix of commercial vehicle traffic with everyday commuter vehicles.

Types of Car Accidents We Handle

Langston & Lott is equipped to manage a broad spectrum of car accident claims, from simple fender benders to complex multi-vehicle crashes, including issues arising from distracted driving and hit-and-run incidents. Our personalized legal strategies are tailored to the unique aspects of your case.

What Are the Common Injuries from Car Accidents?

Our team supports clients dealing with all types of injuries, such as whiplash, fractures, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), and spinal cord damage. We strive to ensure that the full impact of your injuries on your life is acknowledged and compensated.

How Langston & Lott Advocates Against Insurance Companies

Facing insurance companies can be intimidating, but Langston & Lott stands as your strong representatives. We have 50 years of experience in securing fair settlements. 

We also know how to counter the strategies insurance companies use to minimize or deny claims, such as:

Claim Denials

Insurance companies may outright deny a claim for a number of reasons. They might argue that the accident falls outside of policy coverage or that the claimant has not provided sufficient evidence to support their claim. 

These denials can be disheartening, but they’re not always the final word. With Langston & Lott, we review your policy and the circumstances of your accident to challenge unjust denials and advocate for your rightful compensation.

Underestimating Damages

It’s a common practice for insurers to offer settlements that significantly undervalue the true cost of your damages. This might include minimizing the extent of property damage, medical expenses, or lost wages. We combat this by gathering comprehensive evidence of all your losses, ensuring the compensation reflects the full scope of the damages you’ve suffered.

Disputing Medical Treatments

Insurance adjusters may question the necessity, extent, or cost of your medical treatments, suggesting they were unnecessary or overly expensive. This tactic aims to reduce the amount they’re liable to pay. 

At Langston & Lott, we work with medical experts to substantiate the necessity and costs of your treatments, ensuring your medical expenses are fully accounted for in your claim.

Delay Tactics

Delaying the claims process is another strategy insurers use, hoping that claimants will become desperate and settle for less. These delays can be incredibly frustrating and financially straining. 

Our firm counters these tactics with persistence and proactive communication, keeping your claim moving forward and applying pressure on the insurance company to act in a timely manner.

Fault Attribution

By attributing a higher degree of fault to you, the claimant, insurance companies can reduce their payout. Mississippi’s comparative negligence law could affect compensation if you’re found partially at fault. However, Langston & Lott analyze accident reports, witness statements, and other evidence to accurately establish fault and protect your claim from being unfairly diminished.

Surveillance and Social Media Monitoring

Insurers may monitor your activities, including social media, to find evidence that contradicts your claims of injury or loss. For instance, photos or posts that suggest you’re more physically capable than stated in your claim can be used against you. 

We advise our clients on how to manage their public and online presence to prevent giving insurers ammunition to undermine their claims.

What Steps Should I Take Following a Booneville Car Accident?

After an accident, prioritizing your health and documenting every aspect of your recovery are important steps for your claim. Then, by bringing your comprehensive documentation to us, you empower our team to build a robust case on your behalf.

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